Collection: Halloween

Get ready to embrace spooky season with our hand-picked Halloween Collection. Each scent transports you to spooky nights full of ghosts, ghouls, frights and candy.


Sweet Pumpkin

Sweet and nutty, the fragrance opens with the warm aroma of toasted almond and coconut flakes, sprinkled upon a rich swirl of cinnamon maple syrup which slowly drizzles over indulgent caramelised vanilla.

Sherbet Zombie

A sweet confectionary accord of juicy lemon and lime and a splash of sweet orange and hints of red fruits, strawberry & raspberry followed by a fizzy tongue twisting sherbet.

Blood Cherry Cocktail

A rich accord with juicy orange and clove, followed by a heart of green apple, pumpkin, cherry, cinnamon and nutmeg, on a base of raisin and woods, with a dash of nutty vanilla.

Candy Apple

Sweet and fruity, this delicious fragrance is set to make your mouth water with top notes of juicy red apple drizzled with strawberry and sprinkled with spice. At its heart, intoxicating jasmine is warmed with rich milky accords, that are dipped into smooth caramel and embraced by soft musk.


An edible smelling ginger cake fragrance, combining ginger, cinnamon and clove with sweet creamy vanilla.

Trick or Treat

A sweet fizzy confectionary accord of lemon refresher chews.

Witches Brew

A rich spicy fragrance where top notes of cinnamon and clove, rest upon warm pumpkin and vanilla.

Dragons Blood

A sweet candied orange accord with notes of sweet orange with hints of lemon, lime, cherry, banana, apple & cassis on a sweet base of vanilla and sugar.


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